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Noor XVII is your #1 Vegan Entertainment Network.

Noor is Arabic for “Light”. We chose to use the Arabic language because it was that of the Egyptians. The ancient Egyptians lived on a heavily vegetarian/vegan lifestyle and also had lots of information with esoteric knowledge and the pineal gland that was considered very advanced for their time.

17 is the signature number of Royce and Imari, the founders of Noor XVII. In English Gematria, the number 17 has many meanings for the couple such that if you spell out their names and add them up, R = 5, O = 2, Y = 2, C = 3, E = 5, 5+2+2+3+5 = 17. Imari finds the same number sequence with her name, I = 5, M = 1, A = 1, R = 5, I = 5. 5+1+1+5+5=17! Not to mention, the couple’s birthdays are 17 days apart and they also met at Vinyl Arts Bar in Downtown Orlando for the first time which is on State Road 1792. 17 once again is in 1792 and 92 is the year they both were born. It also helps that they met in 2017. There are more numerical similarities but I’m sure you get the point.

So with Noor XVII, we wish to help be a guiding light and give you and your circle inspiration staying vegan or showing you that it is way easier and better for you and everyone around you!

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Meet the Founders

Royce Ashcroft and Imari Spigner

Royce Ashcroft and Imari Spigner are one of Florida’s hottest and most active vegan couples! Royce (vegan since January 2016) and Imari (vegan supermodel since April 2017) met one other at an open mic show that Royce was the host of in April 2017 and the couple are now engaged! Together they started Noor XVII as a VEGAN modeling & talent network. The fundamental purpose behind the network is to make being vegan more mainstream. Noor XVII hosts a wide range of events such as social mixers, fashion shows, public speaking workshops, and the list goes on and on. Royce started off with his own indie gameshow called “The Reel Royce Show” and has been booking gigs ever since. At a point in his career, Royce was hosting the dinner shows for BB Kings every night and with that consistency is where he feels he made the most progress. In 2018, Royce launched a Vegan talk show called, “Royce Airs”, where he interviewed different vegans who have amazing things going on all over the world!

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